How Employers Motivate Staff To Keep Company Core Values

When you’re running a business—small or large—it’s not just about creating quality products and services that will keep consumers coming back, it’s also about your core values as a brand in the overall marketplace. Your first line of defense to keep the momentum going and build a positive reputation in the industry is through the employees who represent your establishment

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Five Techniques For Managing Workplace Stress

Work-related stress has become more commonplace since the onset of Covid-19. A study released earlier this year found that 48% of employees experienced high to extreme stress over the past year, a 7% increase over the last two years. Whether this high stress has been caused by heavy workloads, demanding management, lack of work-life balance, an uncertain economy, health concerns

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GET AHEAD This chart shows the 6 stages of career growth. Where are you now?

Different people are destined to different career paths. But ideally, over time, you will take on bigger assignments and more responsibilities that will help you get to where you want. As a CEO of more than 15 years, I’ve helped hundreds of people navigate their professional journey. My best advice is to seek out jobs and opportunities that will help

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10 Powerful Ways To Empower Your Employees

If you manage other people, the first thing you need to understand is that your success depends on their success. The more you empower your employees, the more they will grow and thrive. Here are ten specific ways to do this: Give employees generous boundaries. Contrary to conventional wisdom, boundaries don’t restrict team members; they empower them. Define the boundaries within

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The 9 Skills That Will Help You ‘Get Promoted Faster And Receive Top Performance Reviews.

Can you identify a time when you were energized at work? In other words, you gave more effort than you would’ve expected to, doing something that you wouldn’t have thought was particularly exciting — because someone infused the task with energy and spurred your enthusiasm. Why did you feel that way? Chances are it was less about the work and more about

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The Difference Between Employee Engagement And Productivity

5 Steps to Hold Employees Accountable for Getting the Right Things Done Employers and business consultants talk a lot about employee engagement these days. It would be hard to argue that engagement is not important but engagement is really a proxy for something that employers are actually far more interested in—productivity. Clearly employees can be engaged, but not productive. Consider

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4 Habits That Describe What Great Communication Looks Like

Leaders and owners have heard this advice play out like a broken record: you must master your communication skills. It simply can’t be overlooked if we are to grow ourselves as leaders and our businesses. And while that’s all fine and dandy, few leaders truly understand or know what the practice of effective leadership communication actually looks like. As part of my servant leadership

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