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Is Your Team Solving Problems, or Just Identifying Them?

Some teams are really good at spotting potential problems. When colleagues present new ideas or propose new initiatives, team members readily ask tough questions and point out possible risks. But team members ought to provide constructive feedback as well.How can you, the manager, help change the culture on your team from one that’s focused on identifying problems to one that

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You’ve Been Promoted to Manager! Now Master the Job with These 5 Leadership Traits

Most managers have a healthy sense of confidence and ambition. But those traits alone won’t get you far in your first management role if you can’t lead employees. That’s why an assessment of five key management traits is key before day one on the job. And it’s up to the new manager to make that assessment. “Brand-new managers should take

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Taking a Break Doesn’t Always Mean Unplugging

Whether you’re facing back-to-back video calls or just a non-stop flurry of email, work can leave you in a screen haze unless you make a point of taking periodic, regenerative breaks. As a 2015 article in the Journal of Applied Psychology put it, our professional “energy, motivation and concentration…are like batteries that periodically need recharging.” While you can and should take breaks by stepping away from

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10 action areas to help HR embrace digital transformation

According to a just-published report by IBM,Accelerating the Journey to HR 3.0, there are 10 essential areas that HR professionals need to address to transform the talent management process. HR 3.0 is broadly defined as a digital focus on employee experience, design thinking, chatbots, transparency, actionable insights, critical skills and attrition rates. Among the key takeaways of the report was

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Best employee-relation practices you must know!

Effective employee relations strategies influence employee engagement which in turn enhance company performance. Organizations must always emphasize on the importance of healthy employee relations. It is the managers who should make sure that they engage the employees and maintain positive relationships so that the employees stay motivated at all times. For a lesser turnover and higher productivity, good employee relations

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4 Ways Employee Recognition Can Decrease Turnover

How often are staff members acknowledged for high levels of performance in your organization? The amount of recognition workers receive can be linked to employee turnover rates. According to Gallup, voluntary employee turnover in the United States costs organizations almost $1 trillion dollars per year. In addition, those figures have been increasing annually for the last few years. Another way

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