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7 Ways Managers Can Help Their Team Focus

It’s no surprise that people struggle to focus. We’re bombarded with distractions, burdened by unrealistic expectations, and drowning under too many incoming requests. Our team at Crucial Learning polled 1,600 employees and managers to better understand the severity of our collective failure to focus. The data painted an even bleaker picture of our tenuous attention spans. One of our findings

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2 Sentences That Will Teach You the Best Leadership Lesson You May Hear Today

Ever worked in a bureaucratic corporate environment? So have I, and it can be downright frustrating. In a typical hierarchy, there are too many levels of approval to get things done, and too many layers of management and steps required to make a final decision. In this environment, employees get their motivational wind knocked out of them because of the

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In a Few Words, Richard Branson Gave a Priceless Lesson on What Separates Great Leaders From the Pack

Business leaders have been grappling with employee engagement issues for decades. The solution, however, remains simple: Treat your employees well and they’ll treat their customers well, even if one day that employee ends up leaving. Sir Richard Branson, the billionaire business magnate and founder of the Virgin Group, understood that the benefits of caring for your employees first — including

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5 Super Effective Ways to Show Your Emotional Intelligence On the Job

Over the years, leadership experts and organizational psychologists have assessed the top job skills required for success on the job. For the most part, there is consensus that your emotional intelligence does matter. A lot. Emotional intelligence is not only an important predictor of job success, but it’s also strongly desired for moving into the management ranks. Many human resources

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6 habits of emotionally intelligent leaders

But what is an emotionally intelligent leader exactly? According to Daniel Goleman, whose 1995 book popularized the concept, emotional intelligence is made up of five key competencies: self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, and social skills. An emotionally intelligent leader can acknowledge the effects of their emotions without being influenced by them. They are able to self-regulate their feelings and adapt to

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