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You Need a Skills-Based Approach to Hiring and Developing Talent

The economic toll of the Covid-19 pandemic is expected to leave more than 140 million people out of work and another 1.6 billion at risk of income loss. Unfortunately, many of the jobs lost simply won’t return. At the same time, certain companies and industries like logistics and manufacturing can’t hire fast enough. Shifting to a skills-focused approach is a

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High-Performing Teams Start with a Culture of Shared Values

Managers will face unprecedented challenges over the next decade. Not surprisingly, many leaders will choose to focus on the strategic aspects of change. Just as important, however, is driving askills-based transformationthat can create teams diverse enough to be vibrant and innovative, while remaining inclusive and cohesive enough to be effective. That’s easier said than done. Decades of researchshow that diverse

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You’ve Been Promoted to Manager! Now Master the Job with These 5 Leadership Traits

Most managers have a healthy sense of confidence and ambition. But those traits alone won’t get you far in your first management role if you can’t lead employees. That’s why an assessment of five key management traits is key before day one on the job. And it’s up to the new manager to make that assessment. “Brand-new managers should take

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Is Your Team Solving Problems, or Just Identifying Them

Some teams are really good at spotting potential problems. When colleagues present new ideas or propose new initiatives, team members readily ask tough questions and point out possible risks. But team members ought to provide constructive feedback as well. How can you, the manager, help change the culture on your team from one that’s focused on identifying problems to one

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Manage Your Boss With “The Rule Of Three”

What do you think of when you hear the phrase “The Rule of Three”?Almost every field or discipline has its own “Rule of Three”:aviation, chemistry, computer programming, economics, mathematics, statistics, even witchcraft!The most striking “Rule of Three” I ever came across is this one for survival: the average person can live for three minutes without air; three days without water;

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