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7 Strategies to Build a More Resilient Team

Announcing Q4 results that exceeded Wall Street’s expectations, Apple CEO Tim Cookidentified resilient, high-functioning teamsas a key element that fortified the company in the midst of the pandemic’s unprecedented challenges. “Even though we’re apart, it’s been obvious this year that around the company, teams and colleagues have been leaning on and counting on each other more than in normal times,”

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5 Ways to Recharge Employee Motivation

No manager wants to deal with a team of unmotivated workers. Setting goals is like pulling teeth, small obstacles bring work to a halt and nobody celebrates when projects are completed. It’s unlikely that your workplace is this grim, but like most managers, you’re probably always looking for ways to increase your staff’s motivation. Strong motivation translates directly to higher

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5 Tips to Become a More Effective Manager

Leaders matter. But so do managers. In the rush to become a better leader, don’t forget to become a better manager. That’s the advice fromCarter Cast, a clinical professor of entrepreneurship at the Kellogg School. “We talk about inspirational leadership and brave leadership, and I’m all for it,” he says. “But the power and strength of good management doesn’t always

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7 Ways HR Can Build a Fairer, Data-Informed Culture

People data and analytics is now one of the hottest, most in-demand skills for HR professionals and ranks as one of the most important human capital trends for organizations today. Companies are looking at data to inform decisions and answer questions such as: Who will leave and when? How do our capabilities compare to competitors? What skills and talent do we need? This kind

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Skills for the Win: How to Cultivate a Growth Mindset

With professional sports teams quarantined, millions of sports fans tuned in forThe Last Dance, a documentary series about Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls. Some expected a one-sided basketball success story since that team won six NBA championships. Instead, the series showcased the team’s struggles. Jordan, cut from his high school team, became a teenage phenom. Scottie Pippen, the star

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Three Moves for Managers to Develop Workers’ Human Skills

“He never had any fresh ideas.” “She gave up too easily.” “They just didn’t show leadership potential.” When new hires don’t work out, these are often the reasons why. Last year, a major survey of hiring professionals showed that bad hires were far more likely to lack “soft skills” than “hard skills.” The explanation is simple. It’s much easier to screen for

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Report: Who’s responsible for employee well-being?

The “Care to Do Better” report recently released by Accenture highlights strong expectations that employers are responsible for making their employees better off, and suggests a model for doing so. 78 percent of workers strongly believe that their employer is responsible for helping them become net better off, according to a new “Care to Do Better” report released by Accenture.

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