Why Having The Right Culture Is Critical

From HR Magazine TINYpulse Employee Engagement and Organisational Culture Report (2014), “64 percent of all employees surveyed feel that they do not have a strong work culture”. Studies upon studies show that company culture- what a business stands for and how it interacts both internally and with customers- directly relates to productivity and revenue. In fact, companies with engaged employees

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Why Leadership Training Hasn’t Worked The Way It Should

There are four primary reasons leadership training fails to achieve business result. 1.Lacking Follow Through (treated as an Event, rather than a journey). Whether it is two days, five days, or three weeks, if leadership training is a one-time event, then its impact on organisational behaviour will be negligible. In the book Primal Leadership, the authors reiterated that, “The thinking

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Why Are So Few Employees Engaged

A Scenario “Imagine that during a routine check-up with your doctor, he diagnoses you with the dreaded “C” (in most medical circle – this usually means cancer). The doctor’s prognosis certainly requires more testing, but your concern is immediate. You find yourself, suddenly asking questions about your future: How serious is it, Doc? Can I be cured? Once you regain

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How to Spot — and Develop — High-Potential Talent in Your Organization

Organizations struggle to identify their next-gen leaders, and for good reasons. When you don’t know what the future will bring, how do you figure out who has — or can acquire — the right strengths to meet those challenges? Which high potentials will give you the best return on your development efforts? Faced with these uncertainties, businesses tend to focus

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