How Leaders Can Balance the Needs to Perform and to Transform

Leaders are facing two relentless sources of pressure right now. The first is the intense demand to perform— to deliver excellent short-term results despite radical shifts in what customers need and want, where and how people choose to work, and whether supply chains work at all. The second is the urgent need to transform — to reimagine the future of

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20 Signs of Leadership Excellence

There is ample discussion about the best styles of authority and how to emulate them, but far less about the more nuanced attributes of excellent leadership… until now. Depending on what books or articles you read, there are more than twenty different leadership styles. An autocratic leader, for example, is generally a unilateral decision-maker, while a democratic one encourages input

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To Stop Attrition And Enhance Retention Smart Managers Should Start A ‘We Love You—Please Don’t Leave—Stay’ Conversation

Have you noticed that your boss delivers more bad news and critiques of your performance than compliments? Managers are generous in pointing out what you’ve done wrong but parsimonious when you’ve excelled. To add insult to injury, they pile on more tasks and take all the credit in front of senior executives. This is unfortunately commonplace in the workplace. In

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In The Rush To Hire, Don’t Forget The Employees Who Decided To Stay

Everyone’s talking about the Great Resignation and the pressing need to hire. But what about the employees who have decided to stay? Far less attention, if any, is being given to this loyal cohort of ‘remainers’ who are helping businesses stay afloat. This is a serious oversight that could, if left unchecked, drive even more people to quit. It’s the

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Pressure, Stress And Performance: The Balance Between Too Much And Too Little

Sometimes a little healthy pressure can go a long way. We’ve all felt it—the boost in motivation and focus when we’re staring down a challenge or performing in front of an audience. It’s why athletes reach their peak in competition rather than practice, and why many said the lack of spectators at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics hurt their performance, rather

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5 Ways To Use Soft Skills To Hone Your Professional Problem-Solving Abilities

On its own, problem solving is an undeniably powerful soft skill. The ability to solve issues quickly and effectively remains in demand by employers and employees alike, especially during the pandemic’s prolonged uncertainty and ever-changing landscape. It’s no wonder that in its latest Pulse of the American Worker survey, Prudential found that problem solving was one of the top three

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3 Critical Components That Dramatically Improve Company Culture

Some businesses ride or die on strategy alone: If culture stands in the way of strategy, then strategy goes out the window. Really, though, the two are interdependent functions of the same mechanism. Strategy sets the direction, but implementing projects efficiently depends on a solid, healthy company culture. Culture should be integrated into every aspect of business strategy, and at

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How Employers Motivate Staff To Keep Company Core Values

When you’re running a business—small or large—it’s not just about creating quality products and services that will keep consumers coming back, it’s also about your core values as a brand in the overall marketplace. Your first line of defense to keep the momentum going and build a positive reputation in the industry is through the employees who represent your establishment

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