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2 Sentences That Will Teach You the Best Leadership Lesson You May Hear Today

Ever worked in a bureaucratic corporate environment? So have I, and it can be downright frustrating. In a typical hierarchy, there are too many levels of approval to get things done, and too many layers of management and steps required to make a final decision. In this environment, employees get their motivational wind knocked out of them because of the

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5 Super Effective Ways to Show Your Emotional Intelligence On the Job

Over the years, leadership experts and organizational psychologists have assessed the top job skills required for success on the job. For the most part, there is consensus that your emotional intelligence does matter. A lot. Emotional intelligence is not only an important predictor of job success, but it’s also strongly desired for moving into the management ranks. Many human resources

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6 habits of emotionally intelligent leaders

But what is an emotionally intelligent leader exactly? According to Daniel Goleman, whose 1995 book popularized the concept, emotional intelligence is made up of five key competencies: self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, and social skills. An emotionally intelligent leader can acknowledge the effects of their emotions without being influenced by them. They are able to self-regulate their feelings and adapt to

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Designing A Sustainable and Adaptive Organisation for Thriving Talent (Part 3 of 3)

The starting point of Designing Experiences We need to do this by design instead of by default on anthropology and ethnography, starting with understanding the reality around the people, process and system. From there, align culture, leadership, structure, process and talent to this reality instead of incorporating generic models of management to drive the change. A good anthro way is

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Designing A Sustainable and Adaptive Organisation for Thriving Talent (Part 2 of 3)

Organisational Signs and Sins The lack of such synergy and balance is the source of many organisational sins, causing organisational ineffectiveness. Many such dysfunctional organisational behavioural sins are never discussed openly but only in the grape wine. This fuels frustrations and hidden agendas that affect morale, creativity, productivity and performance in a “Culture of Silence”, resulting in unresolved issues that

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Designing A Sustainable and Adaptive Organisation for Thriving Talent (Part 1 of 3)

A Naturally Thriving and Transforming Organisation is one that works alongside human nature and anthropology to drive change, performance and profitability; which then creates a high value organisation that is desirable, sustainable, viable and in line with changing business and human landscapes (see figure). Anthrophillic organisation builds value In the recent World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, businesses were sharing

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Using Culture Change to Attract (And Retain) Millennials

Millennials, Gen Y, are young adults born (according to the U.S. Bureau of Labour Statistics) between 1981 and 2001. Millennials will make up one-halfof the workforce in the next five years, and a whopping 75 percentin the next decade! By comparison, the generation before them, Generation X (or Gen Xers), represent only 16 percent of today’s workforce. WhatMakes Them Tick

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Understanding The Four Pillars Of Organisational Anthropology To Build Talent

These 4 pillars give us The Anthrospective Views – to see things from a Holistic and Systems perspective to help us resolve organisation tensions with appropriate strategies and interventions to evolve a High Value Creation (HVC) organisation beyond the High-Performance Organisations (HPO’s) of today. The four pillars definition are given below: Archaeological: Comparative study of past cultures through remnant leftovers

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How To Change And Keep The Change

How can I prepare proactively for this Game Changing Challenges? Game Changing Traits and Behaviours With unprecedented disruptions happening, change will be the norm. The Acronym for CHANGE is Continuously Having A New Growth Experience. This will be the norm of the day. Are you ready to change your world? From Galileo’s vision to Da Vinci’s mechanics, Ford’s cars to

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